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Browse this page for ways you can help us with our mission.

Thank you for being here.


Please note that we are a small business creating community, offering spiritual resources/ inspiration and providing a service. We are not a charity, church or nonprofit organization. 

Payment is not required to use our prayer request service. However, monetary donations on a pay what you can basis are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Your donations are what help May We Move Mountains continue to grow and offer our prayer service. With your support we are able to remind people in need that they are not alone and to amplify their prayers for healing through God's grace all around the world.

Donations can be made through PayPal by clicking the link below. 

(PayPal also accepts debit and credit card payments. Even if you don't have a PayPal account.)

Or you can donate by eTransfer to the owner, Breelyn Johnston at:

(Note, our email is PRAY not may //  

Thank you kindly for your generosity. 

See below for other ways you can support May We Move Mountains.

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We would love to hear from you!
Let us know how your experience with this online prayer request service and community has helped or inspired your personal journey.

We very much appreciate you leaving us a review or sharing your story with us. We might even share your testimony on our website! Thank you for allowing us to pray for and with you!

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Do we have your permission to share your testimony on our website or socials? (Note, we may condense it if it's longer).

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Other Ways You Can Help:

  •  If you haven't already, please visit our Pray With Us page and add any posted prayer requests to your personal prayer practice. Find comfort in knowing your prayers are helping others. 

  • Join our community and stay connected by following us on social media. (Our accounts are linked at the bottom and top of our website. We're also on TikTok @maywemovemountains. See below for a preview of our Instagram). And if you know of someone who you think would appreciate or benefit from our prayer request service, be sure to share our site with them. You can also share our social media posts and accounts to help us spread the word. 

Thank you for your efforts and for being here with us.

May we continue to move mountains together!

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