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What We Do:

May We Move Mountains is a free online prayer request service and community. Our mission is to help people all over the world to cultivate a closer connection to God. And to support others in need by amplifying their healing intentions through faith and prayer. 

It can feel challenging, isolating and even hopeless when you or your loved one faces an illness or obstacle in life. But at May We Move Mountains, we want to remind you that you are never alone. Jesus is always with you. And you can always take any issue you have to Him. He will help you to resolve it by His divine will in His divine way. 

The power of prayer through faith in God is also amplified when we pray for each other. This is what May We Move Mountains is here for. Fill out our prayer request form on the next page and find comfort in knowing that you have others who truly care praying for and with you too! 

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We love first. We love all.


Though the founder of May We Move Mountains is Roman Catholic, anyone with even the slightest bit of faith or even curiosity - no matter who you are or what your religion, all are welcome to use this prayer request service.


God knows and loves us. Even when we question if this is true. He listens when we call out to Him. In His divine timing and in His divine way, all of our prayers are answered. This may not always look the way we want it to. But we trust God and recognize that we have to be patient and open to receive His will, grace and steadfast love.


We are never alone. No matter who we are or what we are going through. We always have God and people of God who are willing to pray for us. This is the purpose behind our prayer service.


God wants us to communicate with Him. By developing a personal prayer practice we deepen our connection to God. And better understand His heavenly will and purpose for us.
We at May We Move Mountains encourage you to pray and take advantage of our prayer request service. As we believe that allowing others to pray for you will amplify global healing and intentions.


Even with faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains together - miracles are possible with God in accordance to His will!


If you are interested in learning more about Roman Catholicism, I have attached a PDF of the Apostles' Creed and The Nicene Creed to the link below. These creeds give a detailed summary of the fundamentals of the Catholic Church.

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"Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you."

Matthew 7:7

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How We Came To Be:


Owner | Founder | Operator

Breelyn Johnston has a strong relationship with God and is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Raised in the Catholic faith, as a child she was visited by Mother Mary and continues to receive prophetic dreams and visions.

In her late teens and twenties, she strayed from her faith and found New Age studies. At the time she was running an alternative and holistic health service business supporting clients using her intuitive gifts. However, while assisting others she also battled her own demons. As she continued studying New Age spirituality, her relationship to God felt further and further away.

While she was suffering amidst darkness, a series of synchronistic events including receiving a vision of Jesus Christ, led to Breelyn being miraculously saved by Him. She surrendered her life to God and was given new clarity and discernment by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through God, she found healing, strength, peace and faith far greater than she had ever before. 

Since then, she has renounced New Age practices, closed her previous business, and now operates May We Move Mountains with Jesus’s guidance. She has dedicated her life to living in service to God, encouraging others who wish to do the same, and doing her best to spread Jesus’s word and healing power through her service and continual prayer practice. 

Breelyn spreads peace and love, does as God instructs her, and keeps His people and all prayer requests in her heart. If asked, she also posts submitted prayers and brings them to her monthly prayer meetings and local church. (These services are available through the Prayer Request Form.)

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Ways You Can Help:

1.)  Visit our Pray With Us page and add any posted prayer requests to your personal prayer practice. Find comfort in knowing your prayers are helping others.

2.) Join our community and stay connected by following us on social media. (Our accounts are linked at the bottom and top of our website. We're also on TikTok @maywemovemountains). And if you know of someone who you think would appreciate or benefit from our prayer request service, be sure to share our site with them. You can also share our social media posts and accounts to help us spread the word. 

3.) Visit our Support page and make a donation to May We Move Mountains. Your donations help us continue to grow and amplify people's prayers for healing all over the world.

4.) Visit our Support page and share your testimony with us. We'd love to hear about how your experience with this online prayer service and community has helped or inspired your personal journey.  

Thank you for being here with us!

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Contact us through email (or this form) for any and all inquiries.

We are located in Lakeshore, ON Canada

Thanks for submitting!

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